Uninvited Guests – When Critters Make their Home in your Roof

Raccoons. Squirrels. Possums. Birds. Bats. Rodents.

Nature is a beautiful thing. Unless it makes its home in your roof! One of the most common reasons for calling on roofing companies in London is having uninvited guests living in your roof.

These cute little critters can wreak absolute havoc if they get into your roof space or attic. It’s no surprise they want to be there – it’s warm, it’s sheltered, and it makes the perfect home for these little (or not so little) creatures. They can be so keen to set up house in there that they will actually break in through your roof!

Damage Critters can Cause:

  • Broken shingles – some animals will actually remove these to gain access
  • Holes in the roof – birds like woodpeckers can drill their way in
  • Torn soffits – done by critters to create an opening
  • Damaged sheathing which is at the base of roofing materials
  • Leaks – from water gaining access via the animal’s doorway into your roof
  • Damage to gutters, chimney, ridge caps, and vents
  • Internally, damage to insulation, electrical wiring, ducting, etc.
  • They leave droppings and urine behind in your roof space or attic
  • They may lay eggs or give birth to young in your roof
  • Birds can bring in lice

Critters require a surprisingly small space to gain access to your home. Raccoons, squirrels and possums gain initial access via overhanging trees and branches – anything within six feet (not quite two metres) provides close enough access for jumping onto the roof. They can also climb vines or a trellis. Chipmunks, mice and rats can climb walls and chimneys.

Openings to your roof space may be as simple as a crack or a torn screen in a gable vent. A bat, bird or mouse needs only a tiny crack to squeeze through and take up residence.

How do you know there are uninvited guests in your roof? Noise in the attic and even in your walls! Squeaking, scrambling, scratching and chewing; scuttling, thumping and bumping (especially if there’s mating going on up there). You might hear a parade of little feet running across your rooftop at night.

You may also notice damage including leaking water and electrical problems.

Fortunately, there are ways you can discourage this and humanely have these animals removed if they do make their way in…

Humanely Discourage and Evict Uninvited Guests

  • Maintain your Roof. Have professionals from roofing companies in London come to inspect your roof from time to time. They will check for leaks, torn materials, missing or damaged shingles, and other damage. It’s imperative to have a strong and durable roof as a barrier against animal invasion. 
  • Look in your attic or roof space. Do this periodically as well, but especially if you hear strange sounds coming from your attic or walls. Look for leaks, holes, nesting material, droppings, or the critters themselves. Many are nocturnal so during the day they will be in there having a nap. 
  • Patch all access holes – even tiny ones!
  • Clean gutters as the debris in there can be used for nest building. Some birds and smaller rodents may even nest in gutters.
  • Use a chimney cap. 
  • Trim branches so that there is no easy access to your rooftop. Also, trim vines and creepers. 
  • Avoid leaving pet food outside your home. This attracts wild critters as it is an inviting and reliable food source. 
  • Call in professional animal removalists to safely and humanely get them out.

If you suspect you have any uninvited guests in your roof, call us today using the below phone number or email form. We can prevent animals from accessing your roof and renewing their lease!

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