Summer Rooftop Issues – Moss

We’ve talked a lot in our previous blog articles about how damaging winter can be for your rooftop, but what about issues that present in the summer months? Roofing contractors in London are often called out to address the issue of dark streaks or discolouration on a rooftop in summer. What makes this happen?

The answer is Moss.

What is Moss?

Moss is a small green flowerless plant that grows in a low dense carpet in a damp or humid area. It’s common on woodland paths and rock surfaces. It doesn’t have true roots, and it reproduces and spreads via spores. Moss is often confused with, but is not the same as, lichen, hornwort, and liverwort.

Why Does Moss Grow on my Rooftop?

Moss grows in damp, humid areas – and its presence on your rooftop suggests a damp and humid environment. During summer, rooftop shingles provide an ideal habitat for it to thrive, especially when your rooftop is shaded by trees and it receives indirect light. Additionally, leaves dropping from overhanging trees provides the nutrients that moss needs to grow.

Is Moss on My Rooftop an Issue?

While having moss on your rooftop may offer a charming, verdant, fairytale aesthetic to your home, it is not a good sign and it needs to be removed. This is because moss acts like a sponge, holding water and moisture on the rooftop. Over the course of time, the moss will grow between your shingles, causing your shingles to crack, and it especially needs to be removed before winter when the water held by it can freeze. If it’s not removed, water can leak into your roof and cause it to rot. It will also expand as it freezes, and cause shingles to pry apart.

Call Roofing Contractors to Eliminate Moss

Call professional roofing contractors in London or locally to you to address the issue of moss on your rooftop. With proper maintenance and attention on a regular basis, roofing experts can help eliminate the conditions moss needs to thrive, discouraging its spread, and when it is detected early, potential damage caused by moss can be mitigated. Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Trim tree branches away from your roof
  • Keep gutters clean and clear of leaf litter and debris
  • Ensure your roof is properly ventilated

If you wish to wash it away from a very small area of your rooftop yourself (safely!), use a mixture of 50:50 household bleach and water to kill the moss.

Note that moss that has caused water damage makes a rooftop unsafe to walk on, and if it has been present for a long time it must be removed by a professional.

Play it safe – contact Roofing London today to address moss on your rooftop safely and professionally for the wellbeing of your home.

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