Should I Replace My Roof?

Prevention is Better than Cure. Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to your roof. As any professional in roofing services in London will attest, regular maintenance of your roof is crucial to its longevity.

There will be times that your roof needs repairs. But at what point does a need for small repairs become overtaken by a need for complete roof replacement?

There are times when it is most certainly adequate to repair a roof rather than replacing it. It all depends upon the type of roof you have, the type of damage it has suffered, and the percentage of the entire roof surface that has been detrimentally affected by the damage.

Almost any kind of roof, where suitable, can be repaired and last for many more years before replacement is necessary.

Repair a Roof:

  • Replace a few damaged shingles
  • Patch a small damaged area
  • Clean off small areas of black algae or growth of moss or lichen


Replace a Roof:

  • Where there are signs of water damage or moisture. Once water has seeped beneath the shingles of your roof, your roof’s integrity is no longer maintained. Any signs such as brown spots on the ceiling, mould, peeling paint, or actual water leaking through is a sign that you’d best get your entire roof replaced.
  • Your roof is old. A roof that is twenty years old and has some problem areas is at or near the end of its expected lifespan and is due for replacement.
  • A recent very harsh winter or disaster such as a violent storm or hail can cause irreparable damage to your roof.
  • The material your roof is made from makes a difference. A slate roof that is decades old will last longer and in better condition overall than a metal roof of the same age. Asphalt roof shingles are made to last and with proper maintenance, can be effective for up to half a century. Slate is the most durable of all available roof coverings, but it needs to be maintained properly. If this is done, a slate roof can potentially last well over a hundred years.

Seek the advice and guidance of expert roofing services in London or locally to you for understanding the wellbeing of your roof and whether it needs simple maintenance, repair, or replacement. Consider too that while repair may seem more affordable in the short-term; in the longer term it may be prudent to replace your roof sooner than later.

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