Roofing Fails!

It may be tempting to go it alone or try a cheap option when you need roofing repairs or other work done. But there’s a reason why it’s so highly recommended that you choose professional, expert roofers in London or locally to you to undertake any and all roofing work. Why?

Roofing fails.

A quick Google search or look on Pinterest will illustrate perfectly what we mean by “roofing fails”. From unfortunate occurrences like falling through the roof to actually falling off the roof; from ladder mishaps to getting stuck; from failing to undertake regular, appropriate maintenance, to using the wrong materials or installing them improperly: all of these things make for at minimum, funny moments, and at worst, horrific outcomes for your home, and injuries or even worse for you and your family. These mishaps and accidents can occur with everything from cleaning gutters to installing a skylight, or even simply retrieving a ball, Frisbee, or pet cat from your roof.

You’d think that, for most people, hiring an expert roofing contractor would be a no-brainer. Surprisingly (or not), it’s not. There are some very common roofing fails and “oops” is the last thing you want to say or hear from your chosen roofer when work on your roof is being carried out.

Some are just ridiculous and hilarious…

  • “How did that plant grow out of my rooftop?”
  • “How did my foot go straight through those shingles?”
  • “Why is the skylight I installed crooked/leaking?”
  • “I’m stuck. What now?”
  • “How did I manage to fall off that ladder and pull the gutter down with me?”

…some simply happen due to substandard work practices or inexperience on the part of the person carrying out the work.

Common Roofing Fails:

  • The Wrong Slope = sagging roof which encourages pooling of water and collection of debris. If the roof slope is inadequate, this is the unavoidable result.
  • Not Enough Nails Used = laziness on the part of the roofer (or you). If the shingles aren’t nailed down properly, wind and heavy rain will shift them surprisingly quickly.
  • Unfinished Valleys and Edges = leakage. It’s unavoidable without starter shingles at the edges and flashing at the valleys.
  • The Roof is Failing at its Seams = bad repair job, which leads to mould, mildew, damage to insulation, and more.
  • Wrong Materials Chosen = lack of insight or experience, it will result in a roof that doesn’t perform for your location and climate.
  • You’re Cheap! = skimping on quality materials and workmanship will ultimately cost you more, as your roof will fail and it will not only need replacement, but you’ll need to pay for repairs inside your home as well.

Avoid roofing fails of any type at your home! Call professional expert roofers in London – the experienced guys at Roofing London. We’re experts in our field, fully trained and licensed, and we’ll get the job done for you without fuss and without drama! Contact us today.

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