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To keep the roof of your home or business premises in top condition, you need to call in the professionals. The best roofing contractors in London Ontario are conveniently found at Roofing London.

Your home is your highest value personal asset, and your roof needs to be strong and watertight for the security of your home and for your ultimate peace of mind. For this reason, it’s very important that you pay attention to your roof, and have it inspected from time to time to make sure there are no small issues. Unaddressed small issues become big issues over time, and they can cost you money and cause you a lot of stress.

Roofing contractors in London can come to your home, inspect and assess your rooftop’s condition, identify issues, and recommend the best course of action to take, whether it be minor repairs, major repairs, or complete roof replacement. They can also carry out periodic maintenance so that your roof remains in good condition for longer, as well as providing services such as gutter cleaning and skylight installation and cleaning.

How Do I Choose Between Roofing Contractors?

Choosing roofing contractors in London or elsewhere needn’t be too complicated. You just need to know what to look for.

A roofer works on installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of flat and sloped roofs. This includes shingles, tiles, membrane roofing systems, and waterproofing, as well as much more. To become properly qualified as a roofer in Ontario, one must obtain a Certificate of Qualification through an apprenticeship program and become members of the Ontario College of Trades. This involves both in-school and on-the-job training over at least two years. To become certified, roofers must also be trained to work safely at heights, be trained in workplace safety hazards, and use safety protection whenever working above three metres from the ground.

It is very important that you select a fully certified roofing contractor who is of high quality. Roofing in Ontario is not well regulated, so it’s easy to be led astray if you choose the wrong service provider.

The best roofing contractors in London Ontario, such as our team at Roofing London, are fully certified. A properly certified roofing contractor with an established business will be present to honour their future warranty commitments. They provide and deliver premium quality installations with outstanding workmanship.

At Roofing London, we deliver all of this and more.

What to Ask your Roofing Contractor

Before you go ahead and hire a roofer, ask them the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in business? Do you have a lot of experience?
  1. Are you an established company? Do you have a permanent business address, website, telephone and email? Permanence in these indicates stability.
  1. Do you supply written quotes and estimates? This is important.
  1. Do you require a deposit? Most of the better service providers will not require a deposit, and if they do, it won’t be more than thirty percent of the total cost of the job.
  1. Do you use contractors on staff or subcontractors? Contractors tend to provide a better result with more care in general.
  1. Are you certified to install the specific products you offer?
  1. Can you provide testimonials? Past client feedback, when looked at as a whole, speaks volumes about a business.
  1. Do you have liability insurance? This is crucial.
  1. Are you registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
  1. Are you a member of an industry association? (e.g. Canadian Roofing Contractors Association)
  1. Do you provide an emergency callout service?
  1. What are your health and safety practices?

At Roofing London, we provide the most reliable and cost effective roofing contractors in London Ontario. We have built a wide customer base of residential, commercial, and industrial clients who trust our expertise and experience.

Choose us for a wide range of comprehensive services including roof repairs, replacement, gutter cleaning and repair, eaves troughs and leaf protection, skylights, snow removal, and regular maintenance.

We fully assess your rooftop, identify issues, and we provide detailed and accurate estimates of what your roof needs, from simple repairs to complete replacement now. We will also provide guidance on the best type of roof for your home or other premises to suit your individual needs.

Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, and the well-being of your family, pets, and property are our first priority at all times.

Our roofing contractors in London have proudly served the local community for many years, and we are very well established. Amongst the leading roofing companies in London and St Thomas, our contractors are friendly professionals with complete certification and commitment to quality that is unparalleled.

Our customer service record is superior and we are very proud to be renowned among our valued client base for providing the very best in quality, reliability, and service every time. Give your home the roof it deserves – call 519-914-4332 or email us today.

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certified roofing contractors in London Ontario
roofing companies london ontario

You cannot go wrong with this team. The job was explained to me in a manner that was completely understandable, including the actual work to be completed, the time frame in which it would be done, and the division of costs. The crew was friendly and cleaned up well after the job. I was so impressed with the work that I have recommended them many times over already.

Suzanne H.

The Injury Centre Clinic

When you think of customer satisfaction and appreciation you think of these guys. Not only did they do a professional job on my roof, they went over and above their expected job.

They cleaned our gutters, removed an old satellite dish, changed and cleaned the vents and much much more. They not only installed a beautiful roof to our home, they took the time to establish a customer relationship with us for which we are truly grateful. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and will continue to do business with them for as long as I am a home owner.

Great job guys and Thank you for all you do!!!

Sharon F.

From the first meeting for the estimate and detailed account of the work to be done to the last clean up, this team was nothing but courteous and professional. The workmanship is top notch and we are totally satisfied with our new roof. Many thanks to Voytek and his whole crew for a job well done! We have already recommended them to friends.

Dave and Denise F.

Expect What You Deserve From Your Certified London, Ontario Roofing Company


Thorough and Honest Assessments

Competitive Pricing

Experienced Professional Roofing Contractors

Estimates Based on Your Needs, Not the Roofer’s Desires

If we can see that your roof can last several more years, we’ll let you know rather than write a bid for work you don’t yet need. We’ll only bid when your roof truly needs repairs or replacement.

Detailed, Accurate Estimate

Roof replacements comprise a lot of moving parts. Our estimates and contract proposals cover the details of the work to be done. You should know what to expect, and we should know what to deliver.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Your top-quality materials will have excellent manufacturer’s warranties, and we guarantee our workmanship on top of them. Also, unlike traveling roofers, we’ll be here to take your call if any part of your new roof experiences problems.

Property Protection

Roof replacements create quite a bit of heavy debris. We’ll protect your property before we start the project.

Thorough Clean Up

At the completion of the work, our crew will pick up all left over debris and drag the area with powerful magnets to find and remove loose nails. The eavestroughs and downspouts will be left clean and free-flowing. In many cases, our customer’s properties end up tidier than before.

Roof Repairs That Work

We also repair leaks and other issues that crop up on roofs. Our experience means no part of your roof is a mystery to us. We can accurately identify leaks and make the necessary repairs.

A Reason to Refer to Family, Friends and Colleagues

We hope that once you’ve experienced our exceptional service, you’ll be happy to refer us to your circle of friends and family.

A roof you can be proud of.

Some of our services include:

  • New roofs
  • Roof repairs
  • Skylights
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Eavestroughs and leaf protection
  • Doors and Windows
  • Soffits and fascia

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affordable roof repairs & services


professional roof repairs & services


flexible roof repairs & services


Goodbye leaky roof!

Quality roofing products for a long lasting finish.

Residential Roofing

A new roof not only protects the interior of your home, it enhances its curb appeal. We love working with homeowners on all roof projects both large and small. From your house to your gazebo, tool shed or dog house, we do them all.

As a construction project, we know that replacing your roof will temporarily disrupt your family’s life. We make every effort to work quickly and efficiently to minimize the amount of time we unsettle your daily routine. Weather permitting, we will start your project on schedule and work in a tidy manner, cleaning around the property each day we’re in progress.

We can help you determine if your attic requires better ventilation to prevent excess heat in the summer, which blisters shingles, and helps lower the odds of ice damming in the winter.

With a large selection of roofing materials, we can install beautiful new roofs for every budget. Whether you need a new roof, repairs, windows or doors, contact us today for your free consultation and estimate.


Closeup of brick house with asphalt shingles
Townhouses with quality asphalt shingles

Commercial Roofing

We provide new roofing systems and repairs on apartment complexes, office buildings and large, multi-family townhome/condo complexes. Your tenants and individual homeowners demand attractive roofs that function perfectly. Whether you own or manage commercial properties, you want to be sure your clients and investments remain protected with well-built roofs and quality materials.

Many commercial roofing companies are here today and gone tomorrow, leaving you in the lurch when problems crop up. Often, they buy the cheapest materials available to bump up profits. Not us. Like you and your properties, we live in the London and St. Thomas area. We’ll be here to service our roofs throughout the warranty period. Plus, we’ll remain on hand as the roof ages and when it may need damage repairs.

Contact us today to start your commercial re-roof project with an honest assessment and estimate.


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These guys are a class act. Their entire team was professional from start to end.

During our project, they kept a neat work site, completed the job on schedule and provided us with a lovely new roof for our office space. We are thrilled with the results and will use them again when it is time to replace our roof at home.

Dr. Shawn & Melissa Martin

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