Roof Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall is a very important time of year for routine roof maintenance, and whether you call professional roofers in London (or locally to you), or you have the skills and know-how to undertake some of it yourself, there are certain roof maintenance tasks that need to be completed in fall.

Fall roof maintenance prepares and protects your home for the coming winter, and any damage to your roof really should be taken care of before ice and snow become an issue. Professional roofing services in London recommend the following roof maintenance tips for every home in the fall:

  1. Clean Your Gutters – you need to ensure gutters and all other drainage areas are clear of leaf litter and other debris. Gutters that are clogged will cause water to pool on the roof and result in mould, cracking, leaks, and greater damage from snow and ice. Include drainpipes and spouts in your cleaning endeavours.
  1. Install Gutter Guards – to affordable mitigate the risks caused by leaf litter and minimise the time you spend maintaining gutters.
  1. Trim Trees – leaves are not the only thing to fall in fall! Branches from trees close to your rooftop need to be trimmed prior to winter to ensure safety later on. This will also reduce the amount of leaf litter that falls onto your rooftop.
  1. Check Your Attic – you need to make sure that no critters have taken up residence in your rooftop or attic space. You also need to be certain that your insulation is uncompromised and that its vapour barrier is facing down to help trap moisture and reduce the likelihood of leaks.
  1. Have a Pre-Winter Inspection – call professional roofers in London to come and carry out a comprehensive pre-winter roof inspection. They will inspect the integrity of your rooftop, and advise if there are any damaged gutters, loose or missing shingles, or leaks.
  1. Carry Out Roof Repairs – it’s much better to fix small issues sooner than to wait and have them become bigger, more expensive issues. Small fall problems can become enormous winter problems and it’s much easier to undertake repairs before the snow and wet, freezing conditions are present.

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