Residential Roofing

When it’s time to replace your roof, you want to be sure you receive the highest quality workmanship and materials possible from a reliable, honest and professional company. To prevent leaks that could ruin the things you’ve worked so hard to obtain, you can’t afford to take chances. Hence take the wise decision of choosing us.

We promise you quality roofing you can trust. Our services include…


Having earned the Certified Master Elite honours from GAF, we can provide you not only the best asphalt shingle system, we can give you the best warranties in the London roofing industry.

We start with tough water-proofing underlayments, edge metal flashings, new pipe and protrusion flashings and skylight flashings. Once your roof is completely water tight, we’ll install your choice of attractive, weather-resistant shingles in the color and style of your choice that will enhance your roof’s curb appeal. We will ensure to turn your dream into reality.

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We also install replacement skylights or new, if you choose to add them. With a large selection of shapes and styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to bring natural daylight into the dark areas of your home. For more economical natural lighting, we also offer sun tunnels. For more on skylights, contact us today.

Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation prevents moisture build-up on the underside of the roof sheathing. Inadequate ventilation contributes to ice formation in the winter which, when it melts, can soak the insulation and eventually penetrate your ceilings. Also, a warm attic in winter contributes to ice dams on the roof which creates damage up top and eventual leaks inside. We can assess your current ventilation and attic insulation to determine how best to contain your interior heat in winter and cooler air in summer.

Eavestroughs and Leaf Protection
Sooner or later eavestroughs rust, bend and sometimes break under heavy snow loads during our London and St. Thomas area winters (or simply put harsh Canadian winters). We install sturdy gutters and downspouts to keep that water channeled off your roof and away from your foundation. This is important to secure the roof’s longevity. Also, we offer leaf protection systems to keep the eavestroughs free of falling leaves and debris.


Sometimes, components wear out faster than the rest of the roof. Or they suffer attacks from falling trees or branches, animals, wind or lightning. This is true for most if not all roofs. We can make effective, long-term repairs on your roof when a total replacement isn’t yet required. Leaks, wind damage, animal penetration, impact damage: you name it, we can fix it.


Since we offer superior workmanship and lasting results on every new or re-roof installation (our previous clients will vouch for that), we can offer you the best warranties with complete confidence. Your warranty will be registered with the product manufacturer. As an established, long-time local company, we aim to be here to honour your warranty for its full duration.

The Process

We make your residential roofing project as stress-free as possible. Contact us, and we’ll schedule a time to meet you at a time of your choosing and convenience. We’ll assess your roof and eavestroughs and give you an honest report on their condition. Then, if a re-roof or repair is in order, or your gutters need work or replacement, we will offer you a bid at competitive rates.

Once under contract, our crew will arrive on schedule, weather permitting, spread out protective tarps and begin work. They will work in a tidy manner and adhere to our strict clean up policy. At the end of each day the roof work is in progress, they will police the debris. At completion, they will perform a full sweep for debris and loose nails, leaving your property as clean as it was before the work began. Professionalism is what you hire us for, and that is what you will get!

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