How Do I Temporarily Protect a Storm-Damaged Roof?

If your roof suffers storm damage, it’s crucial that you call roofing services in London or locally to you. There will likely be a lot of other people in the same situation, and the sooner you arrange professional repairs, the sooner your roof damage will be fixed.

In the meantime, you will need to protect your exposed roof as a top priority. An exposed roof may be a result of heavy rain, high wind, or hail, and it can lead to water damage within your rooftop and your home, as well as compromised home security.

In an emergency, installing a tarpaulin over the damaged area will dramatically reduce the risk of further water damage and leakage into your home.

What to Do

If, after a major storm, you have roof damage:

  • Mitigate Interior Leaks: if shingles or flashing are missing or damaged on any part of your rooftop, you will have water leakage in your home with further rain. You need to enter your attic and place buckets under open areas to collect and rainwater. You need to remember to empty these frequently.
  • Dry up any water that has collected in your attic.
  • Safety First!
    • Don’t attempt to climb onto your own rooftop in rainy weather or while shingles are wet. This will be slippery and very dangerous.
    • Never stand on a wet tarp, and never stand directly on a rooftop that has a steep pitch.
    • Never attempt to repair a roof or place a tarp over storm damage while a storm is happening.
    • Always enlist an adult partner to help with emergency roof repairs.
  • Use a tarpaulin to temporarily protect your roof. This can help to limit further damage until professional repairs can be carried out. You’ll need to use a woven plastic tarp that is large enough to fully cover the damaged area as well as a metre on each side of the damaged area. The tarp will need to be attached to the rooftop using pieces of wood (two-by-four) and screws:
    • Roll one end of the tarp around a piece of wood and secure it to the wood using screws. This will then need to be attached to the rooftop a metre above the damaged area using screws. Roll the tarp down the roof pitch over the exposed area to a metre below it and roll the other end of the tarp around another piece of wood, securing it as before.

Ideally, premium roofing services in London or locally to you will be able to attend promptly to carry out emergency repairs, or at least tarp placement on your behalf. But in case you do need to wait a short time for professional repairs, it’s helpful to know steps you can take. Remember that your own safety and that of your family are always the priority.

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