New Year’s Resolution: Jobs to Just Get Done!

Happy New Year! A new year brings a renewed sense of motivation for most of us, and we make resolutions to do all kinds of things better – live healthier, work less, lose weight, give up bad habits…

Most resolutions fall by the wayside by February first, yet there is one resolution you can make that will stand you in good stead for the future if you maintain it: keeping on top of home maintenance! From getting your carpets cleaned annually to maintaining your rooftop, a lot of these are “one off” jobs that are easier to “just get it done” since you don’t have to develop a whole new habit.

Here are just a few of the top home maintenance chores that need to be kept on top of, but which most of us just keep getting put off. As professionals like roofing companies in London and carpet cleaning professionals will attest, these chores will come back to haunt you if you ignore them. So now is the time for action!

Maintain your Roofing System: The integrity of your entire home depends on having a sturdy roof. Rooftop maintenance on a regular basis will keep on top of small issues that can become big problems if ignored. This includes regular inspections for cracks and leaks, clearing gutters, ensuring rainwater is directed off the roof and away from the home’s foundations, keeping snow and ice to a minimum in winter, and removing low-hanging trees from the rooftop. It also includes checking the attic space periodically and making sure ventilation is optimal.

Have your Carpets Steam Cleaned: If you have carpet on your floors, it’s essential to have it steam- or dry- cleaned professionally once per year. No matter how often you vacuum, dirt, dust, grime, and other grubby things settle deep in carpets. Bacteria thrive in carpet and there may even be bed bugs living deep within carpet fibres. Your home will feel and smell better, look better, and be healthier when you have carpets cleaned professionally.

Have a Pest Inspection: Termites. Bed Bugs. Spiders. Bees. Wasps. Fleas. Ticks. Cockroaches.  Ants. The list of pests that can infest your home goes on. Not to mention birds, rats, and other furry little creatures that can cause problems when your roof, attic, walls, or basement appeal to them. An annual pest inspection, and treatment if required, is crucial for the wellbeing of your home, your family, and your pets.

Other Odd Jobs… Other odd jobs you just need to get done include cleaning:

  • HVAC filters
  • kitchen sink disposal unit
  • range hood filters
  • inspect fire extinguishers
  • test smoke alarms and replace batteries
  • repair damaged window screens
  • repair bathroom grout
  • maintain heating and cooling systems
  • deep clean basement, garage, and attic

Staying on top of these jobs will make your life easier in the long term.

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