What You Need to Know about Roof Ventilation

Every home needs a good system of roof ventilation, and expert roofing contractors in London, Ontario are perfectly trained to advise you and install suitable ventilation for your own unique roof. Roofing ventilation needs to be sufficient for the size of the premises, from a small house to a large business or warehouse, and it needs to be installed properly.

Why Is Roof Ventilation So Important?

There is a myriad of reasons why adequate roof ventilation is so important. Without adequate and effective roof ventilation, attic spaces will overheat due to trapped hot air (as hot air rises throughout the house or other building) and this in turn can cause a build-up of moisture in the attic and even growth of hazardous black mould. It can also result in ice damming on your rooftop during the snowy winter months. It can also damage shingles, cause leaks, and result in damage inside the home. All of these issues damage your roof and your attic space and ultimately cost you money and cause you stress.

A well-ventilated roof will increase the comfort levels within your home and also save you money by minimising your energy bills for heating and cooling. It will also maximise the wellbeing of your rooftop in winter.

Is My Roof Ventilation System Adequate?

You need to be apprised of what is happening in your attic space, even if you don’t have a usable attic. The temperature inside your attic should naturally be maintained within close limits of whatever the temperature is outside.

How do you know if you have a ventilation issue? In winter, damp rafters or attic interiors that have frost on them are an indication that you have a problem. If you can see black mould in your attic during summer, again, you have a problem. This can be identified if you carefully separate your attic insulation (while wearing a mask and gloves) to have a look.

Other signs of moisture in your roof include insulation which is flat or lumpy. Additionally, winter ice build-up on your rooftop, and icicles on the roof, are signs that you need to get professional help.

Professional roofing contractors in London Ontario are experts in roof ventilation systems. They come to your home or other premises and assess exactly how much ventilation your roof space requires, including what is needed regarding venting with intake and exhaust fans. This is dependent on your roof space size as well as the slope of your roof. You also need the right volume of attic insulation installed to help keep the balance of temperature right. All of this requires a comprehensive roof and attic assessment by professional roofers.

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