Investment Properties

For owners and managers of investment properties, we provide commercial roofing services upon which you can rely and depend.


When the roofs on your rental houses, town-homes, condos or apartments approach the end of their serviceable lives, you’ll hear from your tenants loud and clear. Rains and snows and the elements of Nature bring leaks. Winds rip patches of shingles away and expose the sheathing to precipitation. Chimney flashing bends and water penetrates.


Your investments should never be left in the hands of careless low-bidders who disappear once the contract has been settled. With us you receive all the honesty and integrity we apply to our residential contracts. We’ll still be here after payday to honour our warranty. You can trust us with your property.




Big and large roofs should be professionally inspected at least every other year. With the increased size comes a greater possibility of developing issues. We thoroughly assess & offer honest evaluations of your commercial roofing to determine their condition and make recommendations if needed.


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Our crews are very experienced, thoroughly trained, not only in the best methods of roofing installation but in fall protection and accident prevention. They will arrive on schedule and work diligently each day. They will clean the workplace after work and leave it as clean when they started. You will always be notified if the weather forecast alters the planned work.




We extend courtesy and professionalism to your tenants and representatives at all times. We know that a large project will have its own set of challenges for your tenants which can put pressure on your property management team or professionals.


Our goal is to work quickly and efficiently to complete the work with the least amount of disruption to all involved. You will have one point of contact at all times so any questions or concerns will be met with prompt attention.


Licensed and Insured
We are fully-licensed, highly experienced and therefore and competent to work on commercial properties in the London and St. Thomas area.

We carry WSIB insurance so you never need to worry if a member of our crew suffers an accident on your property. You will be protected against any legal action because the staff member is covered by our own policy. Hence, rest ‘assured’.

Also, our general liability insurance covers your property against any other mishap.

Clean and Tidy

Our crew will treat your commercial property with the utmost respect. They will protect the landscaping as they go about doing their work and keep the inevitable debris rounded up and properly disposed of each day. By the completion of the work, your roofs, eavestroughs, and grounds will be free of debris and dredged with powerful magnets for all loose nails.



If the roofs on your commercial properties have life left but need spot repairs and maintenance, we can diagnose the sources of leaks and repair them, replace shingles lost to the wind, clear out and repair gutters and downspouts, replace leaking skylights and pipe flashings. Idea being, to repair the roof or portions or areas of the roof that can be fixed rather than recommend total roof replacement.


In short, we can help you extend the life of your roofs until age simply requires them to be replaced.

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