The Importance of Regular Gutter Maintenance

One aspect of your roof that requires regular maintenance is your gutter and downpipe system. Gutters are integral to the well-being of your roof and your home, and are one aspect of your home that roofing contractors in London will service.

Gutters and the downpipes they flow into exist to control the flow of rainwater and snow melt off your roof so as to protect your roof, ceilings, walls, and foundations. They also protect from damage to the landscape around your house in times of heavy rain and fast snow melt.

Why Maintain My Gutters?

Without regular gutter maintenance, blocked or cracked gutters can become detrimental to your home. If your gutters become clogged with leaf litter and other debris like sticks, they can quickly cause a leak in your roof and this can result in water damage to your home’s exterior or interior. Clogged gutters are also very appealing to mice, rats, squirrels, birds, and other pests, and are breeding grounds for mould. They can even house honeycomb from bee infestations. Damp or wet litter and water trapped in a gutter or downpipe will attract mosquitoes.

The cost of failing to undertake regular gutter maintenance can be extreme – even in the many thousands of dollars to repair damage done. Gutter water can easily seep into the fascia of your home and cause rotting and mould in places you can’t see it. In winter, debris in gutters and pipes can cause stagnant water to form ice dams which further contribute to the problem. Water can even leak from gutters into the basement where it can crack foundations.

Clogged gutters can even buckle driveways, crack sidewalks and paths, damage patios, and encourage moss to grow.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

This will depend to a certain extent on where you live; do you have a lot of trees in your yard and nearby? How often do leaves fall onto your roof? What types of trees are dropping leaves? Are Maple Trees dropping helicopter seeds in spring?

Roofing contractors in London, Ontario generally recommend that one has their gutters professionally maintained at the very least in Fall, after the leaves have dropped, and again in spring when the rains begin. In areas where leaves fall more often or in high volumes, maintain your gutters every four months. It’s also critical that your roofing expert cleans your downpipes so that water doesn’t back up and pool in the gutters and over the roof.

Leaf Guards

These can be very valuable in helping keep your gutters clean, and they can increase the time periods between required gutter maintenance. Always be guided by your professional roofing contractor as to products and installation, and purchase guards or screens of high quality.

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