The Impact of Snow on Your Roof

If you live in a climate like we have here in London, Ontario, you’ll know that snow is something that is inevitable in the winter months. You’ll also know that it can be a major annoyance! London rooftop experts are here to help you make sure the hindrances of snow and ice don’t impact negatively on your roof.

You roof is exposed to all the winter elements – wind, rain, ice, and snow. Your roof must be able to withstand these elements so as to protect your home and its contents, protect your family, and keep your heating expenses to a minimum.

The Impact of Snow on your Rooftop

Of all the elements that can impact on your rooftop, snow and ice are the most destructive. They are remarkably heavy, and as the winter progresses, the weight of these only increases. Accumulation of snow and ice cause a great deal of stress on your roof, increasing its overall weight and causing the potential for weakening and even caving in.

Accumulation of snow and ice also causes leaks and cracks on your roof, as the snow thaws when temperatures rise. Water from this thaw (even if the snow on the top layers doesn’t thaw) can seep into cracks and other small spaces; this can re-freeze in the cracks and expand, causing the cracks to become bigger. This in turn can result in movement of shingles and the potential for further leaks.

There are other hazards from snow on your rooftop, including ice dams (melted snow flows down the roof then refreezes around eaves and at roof edges – this can result in major damage to gutters and also tear flashing from the roof) and icicles (hanging from the eaves and roof edges, they are extremely sharp and heavy and are particularly dangerous to people and pets should they fall).

Damage from snow and ice can cause major issues for your home. How do you mitigate the risks? Call London rooftop experts Roofing London to come and clear snow and ice from your roof!

Snow and ice winter after winter can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof.  Any accumulation of snow of deeper than five inches (12.5 cm) should be removed. It’s crucial to have a proper maintenance plan for your rooftop all year, but especially in winter. Seek advice from London rooftop experts; have them assess your roof, repair or replace it where necessary, and maintain your roof throughout the winter months.

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