How Long Will It Take to Install a New Roof?

Experts of roofing in London, Ontario are the ones to call when you suspect you may need a new roof. These professionals have the expertise and experience to advise whether your roof needs complete replacement or if it can be repaired, and they are perfectly positioned to offer guidance relating to the type of roof that will best serve your home or business both functionally and aesthetically.

If your roof does need replacement, one of the first questions you will have will be, “How long will it take?”

While roof repair and/or replacement are essential for the protection of your home, it will cause some disruption to your routine while it is being completed.

Professional roofers can give you an estimate of the time frame required to install your new roof. They will also advise whether you’re best served vacating the home while the work is being done. This will allow you to consider your options and plan for the period in which your roof replacement will take place.

Steps involved include:

  • Choosing materials
  • Removing the old roof
  • Attending to previously-hidden issues such as rotting wood, cracked boards, etc
  • Installation of deck protection and leak barrier
  • Installation of shingles
  • Finishing touches including gutters
  • Cleanup

Some factors that impact on time frame for roof replacement include:

  • Weather – this is something that, obviously, none of us has control over. Inclement weather will impact negatively on the ability to get the job done. Rain, extreme wind, etc will determine when and if work can go ahead on any given day.
  • Roof Type and Materials Chosen. A tile roof takes longer to install than does a shingle roof. Availability of your chosen material, style and colour can take time. Many are purchased on special order.
  • Type of Installation. Simple roof repairs or even partial re-roofing may take only a very short time to complete – even as little as a day. A full roof replacement, however, can take several days or even weeks.
  • Building Configuration – the larger the roof, the bigger the job – and this obviously means that it will take longer to complete. Additionally, a steep roof is more challenging to work with; hence this too will take more time to install than a shallower roof design.

Features like skylights, chimneys, ridges, valleys, and other features are more intricate to work with, so these too impact the time taken to install a new roof.

  • Special Considerations including:
  • Local municipality building codes and inspection requirements
  • Local paperwork and approval procedures
  • Heritage listing of a building

At Roofing London, we understand that installing a new roof can be very stressful for homeowners. The good news is that we can install your new roof quite quickly, causing as little disruption to your life as possible. Call our expert professionals in roofing in London, Ontario today to get more information or a no-obligation quote.

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