How Do I Remove a Dried Egg Stain from my Roof?

It’s that time of year: Halloween, Devil’s Night – and when it comes to teenagers (and some others), “Trick or Treat” is much more about the “Trick” than the “Treat”. And the bane of any homeowner is the Halloween annoyance of egging a house.

Bored teens have long found egging a home to be a fun pastime, especially at Halloween when it seems that “anything goes”. But while it may seem harmless enough (if gross, inconvenient, and immature), roofing contractors in London and elsewhere throughout North America can attest to the fact that egg on a rooftop or the walls of a house can cause significant damage.

This issue is the proteins within an egg, which can discolour asphalt shingles and cause stains. If the egg can be removed before it dries, staining most likely won’t happen, however, dried egg which has been baked on in the sun will most definitely stain and be difficult to remedy. In some cases, if left long enough or if a large volume of eggs has been used, damage can become permanent.

A power washer on a high setting can eliminate residue from broken eggs on your roof, however, this can also damage shingles by destroying the mineral granules that protect asphalt shingles from severe weather conditions. You need to be very careful about removing egg stains from your roof.

DIY Egg Stain Removal

If you are confident on your rooftop and you wish to remove stains yourself, you will need:

  • Ladder
  • Garden hose
  • Warm water
  • White vinegar
  • Old towels
  • Garbage bag
  • A helper

The steps:

  1. Set the ladder up safely and make sure it is stable. Take the hose and a garbage bag up with you and have someone hand you other items as you need them.
  2. Collect eggshells into a garbage bag and set it aside.
  3. Using strong pressure, hose the egg from the roof, especially the egg whites.
  4. Come down the ladder with the hose and the garbage bag.
  5. Soak old towels in a bucket that is filled with 50:50 warm water and white vinegar.
  6. Take soaked towels up the ladder and place them over egg splatter locations for 10-15 minutes.

The vinegar should help break down the proteins from the eggs and remove the stains. Alternatively, enzymatic laundry detergent may work – but shingles may still be damaged.

Call the Professionals

The wisest and most effective way to address dried egg stains from your roof after Halloween is to call your local roofing contractors in London. They will have the right protein-removal products and processes to effectively remove egg stains without compromising the integrity of your shingles. Contact Roofing London to sort the problem out for you this November if you’re unfortunate enough to have an egged roof after Halloween!

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