Common Roof Problems

There are various issues that can affect your roof, and all roofing systems have some vulnerabilities. Fortunately, there are premium roofing companies in London, Ontario which are here to help address these issues.

Over time, some problems with your roof can be almost inevitable, which is why regular maintenance is so important to mitigate the risks. Unexpected damage to your roof can wreak havoc on your home if not addressed promptly, yet the problem is that you might not easily identify these issues early. Problems need to be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and to save you money.

What are the Most Common Roof Problems?


  • LEAKS – with so much rain and snow in Canada, moisture is a given on your roof. If this pools on the roof or seeps underneath flashing, the result is a leak, and eventually rot or mould. So too, hail and high winds can damage roof material and this will lead to leaks.
  • SHRINKAGE – common to modified bitumen roofs, shrinkage occurs due to the sun, poor installation, and ageing. It presents as cracks and splits in the roof.
  • FLASHING FAILURE – caused by improper installation of roofing or use of substandard materials. Flashing is an important part of drainage for a properly functioning roof, as it seals intersections due to heating and cooling systems, vent pipes, and chimneys, and if it is not done correctly, water can seep in and tiles can blow off.
  • OVERHANGING TREES – tree limbs rubbing against the roof can damage the protective surface layer and the shingles. Trees can also fall onto the roof in a storm, requiring an entirely new roof.
  • LEAF LITTER – this collects in gutters, clogs drainpipes, and prevents proper drainage of water. Water standing on the roof will make it age more quickly, increasing its vulnerability to damage.
  • POOR VENTILATION – warm air in the home needs to naturally rise and leave through the roof. This is facilitated by vents in the eaves and ridge which help regulate moisture and temperature levels in the home. Ineffective ventilation will result in higher energy bills, development of mould, and damage to the roof and ceiling components.
  • PESTS – birds, insects, and small mammals that like to get onto or into your roof can create a lot of problems. They can weaken your roof, make nests where moisture can enter, and end up costing you a lot of money.
  • LACK OF MAINTENANCE – a roof that is not maintained will eventually become damaged, and repairing damage costs more than proactively avoiding the issue.

common roof problems such as decaying shingles

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