Can I Install a Roof By Myself?

The idea of installing your new roof, or undertaking a re-roofing project yourself, may hold its appeal to some, especially if you fancy yourself something of a handyman. In theory, you might be able to pull it off. But unless you are a professional, trained roofer, in London or elsewhere, you may want to think twice.

It’s true that there are tutorials online for DIY roofing, from gutter replacement to shingling. It can be easy to think that doing the job yourself will save you money. It’s true that DIY does save money and works well for some home projects; but when it comes to roofing, however, your plan to save some money may end in disaster.

Top Reasons Why You Should Not DIY

  1. It’s Dangerous Work

Roof installation work is very hazardous. The hazards involved include heights, using power tools, weather, sloping steep surfaces, slip risk, and more. You may also damage your roof inadvertently.

You also need to understand that a roof that requires replacement will not necessarily be safe – leaking, sagging and cracking weaken the structure that you’ll be working on.

Professional roofers have the tools, the experience, and the training to mitigate the risks. They know what they are doing. Know that DIY tutorials are presented by roofing professionals!

  1. With DIY, You Get No Warranty

Your professional roofer not only has insurance for accidents but will offer a warranty on products used and workmanship. If you DIY, you lose out on this. The vast majority of manufacturers of roofing materials will not extend their warranty of materials are not installed by a professional, licensed and registered roofing company. Even if you install the roof perfectly, shingles, gutters, and other materials will not be covered by product warranties.

  1. You’re Not a Professional – and the Result Won’t be Professional

Professional roofers have done many dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of jobs. Their work will be immaculate and while a roof might not be the first thing you notice about a home, know that if it’s poorly installed it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

You also need to understand that since you’re not a professional, you may miss serious issues with your roof. Unseen damage under the roof needs to be repaired; mould and rot need to be addressed; leaks need to be fixed; are you really positioned to get all of these right?

  1. You Don’t Save Money Long-term

When you factor in the loss of warranty on materials, no warranty on workmanship, potentially substandard results, and the danger aspect, are you really saving money? Quite possibly you’re not. The likelihood of bigger costs down the track is very high.

Roofing is complex. Don’t choose to go it alone. Call a professional roofer in London for the experience, expertise, training, insurance, and warranty they offer. You’ll be very glad you did!

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