Keep Cool in Summer – Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is what keeps your home warm in winter. Insulation acts like a blanket over your home, keeping the frigid winter cold out and the cosy warmth in.

Any roofer in London will also tell you that insulation is what keeps your home cool in summer!

Attic insulation reduces the amount of heat that is able to be transmitted between your home’s exterior and interior. In summer, it helps keep the cool air in and the hot air (and humidity) out.

There are three types of heat:

  1. Radiant heat – travels in straight lines. Anything in its path that is solid and readily absorbs heat will become hot – e.g. sunlight on a path, furnace onto a tile floor.
  1. Conduction heat – passes through materials – e.g. a metal spoon picks up heat from a hot drink it stirs.
  1. Convection heat – heat circulates through gases or liquids – e.g. hot air rises; cooler air sinks.


How does attic insulation keep you cool in summer?

Shingles absorb heat from the sun. The sun’s energy transmits radiant heat to your rooftop, which is then absorbed by conduction through the shingles and into your home. It transforms into convection heat if it’s not mitigated by adequate insulation and ventilation – this is why the upstairs of a home on a hot day is often much hotter than the downstairs. This puts extra strain on your cooling or air conditioning system.

Attic insulation (fibreglass, foam, cellulose) acts as a barrier to the heat entering your home via the rooftop and attic. It can reduce heat transfer from the rooftop into your home by up to 25% or even more.

Save Money

Not only does having proper ventilation in your rooftop make summer more comfortable in your home; it also saves you money. How?

When you have proper insulation, your energy bills for cooling will be dramatically reduced, as the convection heat through the attic is blocked, draughts are addressed, and humidity is kept from your home. The workload of the air conditioning system is reduced significantly.

Some energy providers even offer rebates for properties with quality effective insulation.

Insulate Now

The right time to have your insulation needs assessed is right now – to benefit most from proper insulation to keep cooler in summer and to know that your winter warmth at home will be maximized. Contact an expert professional roofer in London to understand your specific needs and to make sure that your insulation requirements for the design of your home and its location are being met. The right insulation will satisfy your needs for both seasonal and daily temperature changes.

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