9 Benefits of Having Skylights

The benefits of having skylights installed in your roof can’t be understated – and there are many surprising benefits which go beyond simply having a lighter, brighter home. Naturally, it’s best to choose premium skylight products and have professional roofing companies in London or locally to you install them.

Skylight Benefits

  1. Environmentally beneficial and energy efficient – reduce dependence on electricity for lighting inside the home during daylight hours. This means that when lower amounts of electricity are being consumed, greenhouse gases created are mitigated somewhat. Electricity bills are also lower when you have skylights.
  1. Bring natural light into the home to boost mood and increase energy, as well as enhance creativity and learning ability in children and adults. The sunlight admitted to the house can also help increase Vitamin D and ward off depression. Natural sunlight has been proven to increase positivity and satisfaction.
  1. Your home will be more aesthetically pleasing with skylights. Even other rooms will be illuminated by the light admitted through the skylight, so colours are more vibrant and interiors are enhanced. Light in rooms is balanced, glare is reduced, and interiors appear more open and roomy.
  1. You see better in natural light – so skylights make reading and working in the home easier, especially as you grow older.
  1. Helps eliminate moisture in the home and odours. If the skylight is vented, fresh air can circulate through the house.
  1. Reduce growth of mould and mildew – natural lighting from skylights can combat these harmful organisms as sunlight is a great natural disinfectant.
  1. Reduces need for heating – the home will be warmer in winter.
  1. Maintains Privacy – a skylight allows plenty of natural light to enter so that side windows can be covered for privacy, especially important in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  1. Natural sunlight allows us to recover faster from illness, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and reduce stress.

Skylight Considerations

Positioning of your skylights is very important. In Canada:

  • A skylight on a roof that faces north will keep the home cool and provide stable, constant light
  • A skylight on a roof facing south will invite summer heat into the home
  • A roof facing west with a skylight will light and heat the home in the afternoon only
  • A roof facing east with a skylight will give most benefit by illuminating the home with warmth and sunlight in the morning

Always seek advice from experts from roofing companies in London, Ontario or locally for the best positioning and type of skylights you choose, as well as for proper installation.

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